Claudia Allred recently moved back to the area after living in Northern Virginia. She is a seasoned Personal Trainer and passionate Pilates instructor! Claudia believes there is not 1 type of exercise that is perfect for everyone’s needs. That is why she loves blending and tailoring each and every one of her workout to meet her clients needs!  In addition to reformer pilates, you can schedule a Thai influenced Athletic Stretching Session.

Claudia is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Corrective Exercise and Flexibility Specialist.


Sherry is Nationally Certified Pilates/Yoga and Group Exercise Instructor with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is Pilates certified through the Balanced Body University. she is also a certified Sports Nutritionist and ghostwrite of books for a variety of businesses, medical doctors and clinical nutritionists. Sherry is the author of two cookbooks “Eat Right, Feel Good, Lose Weight, Have Fun- You Won’t Be Hungry!” and “Soy You Wanna Lose Weight?”. 



Train privately or in a small group!



Beginning September 1, 2019 all new reformer clients will begin with two private reformer sessions for a special price of $100 so our instructors are able to orient you to the equipment and tailor your reformer fitness program. 

SPICE Reformer and Tower Pilates

  • We have designate hours for 3/1 sessions so you can feel confident that you can not get charged extra if someone cancels.
  • If the 3 slots are booked for the time you were hoping for, you will be put on a waiting list.
  • Beginning September 1st, 2019 before booking a group session you must purchase a private orientation sessio: 2 private sessions for $100

Time slots are:

Tuesdays with Claudia 7AM (Mixed Level), 8AM (Mixed Level), 9AM (Intermediate) and 10AM (Beginner/Intermediate)

Wednesdays with Claudia: 3PM (Beginner/Intermediate), 4PM (Advanced) and 5PM (Intermediate/Advanced)

Thursdays with Claudia: 7:30AM (Beginner/Intermediate), 8:30AM (Beginner/Intermediate) 

Thursdays with Sherry– 9:30AM (Mixed Level), 10:30AM (Mixed Level), 4PM (Mixed Levels), 5PM (Mixed Levels)

Fridays with Sherry– 10AM (Mixed Level), 11AM (Mixed Level), 12pm (Mixed Level)

Single session prices (new pricing in effect September 1st)

Small Group – $35

Private-  $65

Package Pricing

5 class Small Group- $150

10 class Small Group – $300

5 class Private- $300

10 class Private- $600

  • All packages are good for 4 months, before they expire.
  • There is strict 24 hour cancellation policy for all appointments.
    • If you cancel within the 24 hour window, you will be charged for that service.
    • Call Claudia to book your appointment: (240) 538-2352
    • Call Sherry to book your appointment: (517)-899-1451

I highly recommend Pilates reformer sessions at spice. I have been training with Claudia for over a year and each week she changes up the work to make it challenging for us. It’s great for strength, flexibility and posture. -Jamie C