We ♡ Our Clients and They ♡ Us, Too!

I am two and a half years out of major, lower back surgery. Prior to the surgery, I had no quality of life. All workouts, running, and simple walking stopped because the pain was unbearable. Luckily, the surgery was a success. I was hesitant to start exercising, fearing the possibility of doing something that would be hurtful. I trusted my friend’s input, and, most importantly, I trusted the knowledge of the instructor. The rest is history. I can do EVERYTHING asked of me in Barre and Circuit. The instructor modifies on the spot when modification is needed. Even though there are other participants in the classes, I feel each of us has a personal trainer. She believes in all of us and motivates us during each class. My body may be a little older than most, but it continues to improve. Thank you SPICE, but, most lovingly, thank you, Nicole Magee…THE SPICE QUEEN! You rock!

age 64 1/2

Nicole Magee is an amazing physical fitness/wellness instructor. She motivates with humor, and genuine affection. She will challenge you, but remind you to “work you” at the same time. She will always greet you with a smile and laughter in her eyes. She is always coming up with a new twist on an activity. I have never had her classes be boring, or a repeat of last week, but if she ever has paper plates in her hand and you aren’t at a picnic RUN!!!!
Pati W.

age "Fabulous" 48

“I discovered SPICE about a year ago through a friend and I was instantly hooked. Nicole always has fun and fresh workouts, and her energy is just amazing. The additional challenges she offers several times a year really help keep me on track. SPICE is more than just a workout studio though. It’s like a family. Nicole always welcomes you with a hug and there are laughs every time. I’ve made many new friends through SPICE, I’m So grateful to be a part of it. It’s empowering to be around like-minded people. Nicole and SPICE actually make me look forward to getting my workouts in!” Melissa R.

age 38

Two years ago I decided to make some major changes in my life due to the awareness of what was happening to my body from menopause. I was 48 and out of shape with little to no energy. It was as if it snuck up on me and I realized that if I didn’t take control of my body it would have negative impacts on me for years to come. I made my health my priority. I knew Nicole as my neighbor and heard about her workout classes, so I asked her if she would talk with me about fitness. That day was life changing for me! I started attending her workout classes regularly and during the last two years she has taught me how to exercise correctly and how to listen to what my body tells me as I work out. The atmosphere that is established in her classes made me comfortable to be around others while exercising, encouragement from her and others, and opening myself up to getting to know other women. The little details of showing us how to alter the exercise for different abilities or comfort level, sense of humor, and of course the pampering of the lavender cold cloths at the end of class are many of the reasons Nicole makes this a personal experience for all women who enter. “Do you” as Nicole would say encompasses all that I have learned from my experiences at SPICE. I feel empowered as a woman since I have taken control over the menopause by taking control of my health. I am so excited that Nicole will be able to reach so many more women with her opening of SPICE Studio in downtown Leonardtown and the difference it will make for them.
Tammie D.

age 50

I’ve been a SPICE member for years but finally decided to get serious about Barre in December 2016. The commitment to twice weekly classes has certainly paid off. Not only do I feel stronger and more fit, a friend took a selfie with me and the muscle definition in my arm kind of shocked me. I couldn’t have done it without the supportive and inspirational environment that SPICE embodies. Pam F.

age 48