Kate Smith became a massage therapist 14 years ago after experiencing debilitating leg pain that was only relieved by massage therapy.  She now pays it forward by specializes in multiple massage therapy techniques that provide preventative care to thwart injury, to help ease anxiety, stress and chronic pain.  She is also a workplace wellness expert and mobile therapist delivering relief from the discomfort many people experience in the modern office environment.  Some of her most effective massage modalities include Deep Tissue, Shiatsu Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Raindrop Technique.  She is passionate about helping people physically recover and improve their health with each session so they can live their best life! 


Irina has been practicing massage since 2015 after graduating from Pensacola State College in Florida. My intention would be to provide safe and quiet space for you, help you to get in touch with yourself and create unique session based on your indneeds. I offer traditional Swedish massage, Thai yoga bodywork, Orthopedic treatment for common injuries, massage for cervical pain and TMJ disorder, Oncology massage. 

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Truly the best massage I have ever had! I highly recommend and I will be back!


Kate gives an amazing massage. She tailors her approach to how I’m feeling each time. I end up feeling relaxed and pain free when she’s finished. I highly recommend Kate for your next massage.



I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner. I studied the Usui Shiki Ryoho style of Reiki healing and have been practicing it for several years now. I have worked out of Inner Equinox, Evolve Yoga & Wellness, and Mystic Moon, as well as my own personal work space from time to time. Due to the pandemic, I was unable to work with clients for months, but with the coming of Spring has come a return of my Reiki services!
I first came across Reiki shortly after my deeply traumatic experience during my time in military service. I was completely open to new ways of healing, living, and experiencing a balanced and harmonious life. After a few sessions, I trained and got certified. While I practice Reiki healing, I also find time to train and expand upon my healing arts into various other modalities of healing to increase my potential and to better fulfill my life purpose as a spiritual holistic healer.

My healing arts has come to include the use of various stones and crystals. I have recently acquired tuning forks whose frequencies are attuned to each of the chakras within our energetic bodies. I have studied and become proficient at relieving, and even eliminating, cramps that are related to the menstrual cycle. And my future intentions are to get certified as a Sacred Sexuality Shaman, in order to bring healing to sexual traumas that are experienced by many, and to teach the collective that sex and sexuality are sacred acts. A fact that is not taught to the majority as it should be.
My intention is to fulfill my life’s purpose; to heal, to aid in ones shadow work, to facilitate the processing of old wounds, traumas and scars, as well as to bring about enlightenment, spirituality, and consciousness awareness to those who are ready to receive it. I am a conduit for healing energy, a mirror of reflection for oneself, and a strong advocate for unconditional Love. You are all worthy and deserving, for you are all Love. 

My Reiki session with Tiberius was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in a very long time. Tiberius has a gentle and confident touch and I left feeling wonderful about my energy and chakras.